• Apr 17 2012

    Free Soundgarden Track Available Today

    Live to Rise,” the original song written and recorded for and appearing in the film is the first single from the Marvel Music/Hollywood Records release Avengers Assemble. Soundgarden’s “Live to Rise” was the #1 most added song in its first week at Alternative and Active Rock U.S. radio.  The single will be available as a free download for one week, April 17 through April 24. A pre-order for Avengers Assemble, the 13-track compilation of music from and inspired by the film, is also available on iTunes beginning April 17.

    Apr 13 2012

    Free Music Friday With The Shutes

    Hi everyone and welcome to another weekly edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. As usual, we have been scouring the globe looking for the newest sounds available. This week’s offering comes to us from London via our friends at Toast Press, who are one of the top music PR companies in the UK.

    Apr 11 2012

    Meet Diamond Rugs

    Diamond Rugs is the new musical collaboration between John McCauley (Deer Tick), Robbie Crowell (Deer Tick), Ian Saint Pé (The Black Lips), Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate) and Bryan Dufresne (Six Finger Satellite. Last fall, McCauley decided he wanted to make another record during his downtime in his new home base of Nashville with producers Adam Landry and Justin Collins (Middle Brother, Deer Tick). While attending a Los Lobos show (one of his all-time favorite bands), he made his way backstage and met Steve Berlin.

    Apr 10 2012

    Rhythm Seed Artist Spotlight On Black Taxi

    Brooklyn quartet Black Taxi has been generating quite the buzz lately in the indie-rock world. From their seven performances at this year’s SXSW to the release of their critically acclaimed second album, We Don’t Know Any Better in January, it seems that the band is turning heads and garnering fans everywhere they go. Following up on these successes, the band is preparing to begin a series of spring tour dates that will see them traveling down the East Coast, along with appearances at several festivals. Additionally, the band has released a brand-new remix of their song “Friend”, off their latest album, by esteemed NYC producer Fake Money; it is available as a free download via their Facebook page.

    Apr 6 2012

    Free Music Friday With Trixie Whitley

    Hi everybody! Another week in the bag and another Free Music Friday to help you ease into your weekend with positive harmonious, melodic and rhythmic energy, otherwise known as music. This week we have just one track for you, but it’s a fantastic song from a very dynamic artist from Belgium via NYC, named Trixie Whitley.

    Mar 30 2012

    Free Music Friday With Empires

    Hi everyone and welcome to another edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday! Today we are pleased to bring you a 3 song EP from Chicago’s own Empires, who we first highlighted back when they were in the running for the “Choose The Cover Of Rolling Stone” contest.

    Mar 23 2012

    Free Music Friday With Amy Ray And Amanda Mair

    Welcome to another edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. Today we are pleased to bring you two new tracks from female artists. One you know well, Amy Ray from the Indigo Girls. She has had a prolific career as a singer/songwriter and is touring to support her newest solo release, Lung Of Love. Amy is playing at the Bootleg Bar in Los Angeles tonight and, last we heard, tickets are still available.

    Mar 2 2012

    Free Music Friday With Exitmusic and Korallreven

    Welcome to another edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. We’ve got some great music for you today. The first free track is from a band that we really like a lot. They are called Exitmusic from Brooklyn, NY. Their debut album, Passage, is out on May 22nd. We have an advance copy that we’ve been playing to death around here. It’s an excellent album full of moody, dark, uplifting and very intriguing songs. We’re pleased to present the title cut from the album today.

    Feb 27 2012

    The Lumineers Album Review

    By J. Brown

    In 2011 Paste Magazine named The Lumineers one of the best new bands of the year and at the time the band listed as its goals the following: “Make music that makes you smile, cry and stomp your foot simultaneously. Make music for years with these dear friends of mine. Be proud of our music. Play Letterman and Europe.” Based on listening to this band’s self-titled debut album, which is out April 3rd from Dualtone Records, the Lumineers are well on their way to fulfilling these goals, as this band’s first full-length album is a fantastic continuation of the roots revival that has taken a hold of music fans thanks to heartfelt melodies and soul-stirring songs.

    Feb 24 2012

    Free Music Friday With Brendan Benson And Lissy Trullie

    Welcome to another edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. Today we are pleased to bring you two acts who have nothing in common with each other, except for the fact that they will both be appearing at this year’s South By Southwest (SXSW) music festival in Austin, Texas.

    Feb 17 2012

    Free Music Friday With Solander And Haroula Rose

    Hi everyone and welcome to another edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. This week’s edition is dedicated to Whitney Houston. Although she fought a constant battle with drug and alcohol addiction, she possessed one of the best voices ever to grace the musical stage. Her incredible range and ability to convey thought and emotion through her voice were second to none. She will be missed.

    Jan 27 2012

    Free Music Friday With Damien Jurado and Madi Diaz

    Welcome to another edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. Here we are four weeks into 2012 and things are heating up. Today we have two new tracks for you. The first is from an artist named Damien Jurado. His label, Secretly Canadian, sent us this great new track called “Museum Of Flight” from his upcoming album Maraqopa.  Our second track is from Madi Diaz, who we have highlighted before on Project Rhythm Seed. She has a new album out called Plastic Moon. The track we have for you today is called “Gimme A Kiss”. We hope you download and enjoy both of these great new artists. If you have any suggestions of artists or tracks that you would like us to cover in the future, let us know. We’ll see you next week for more music news, reviews and interviews.

    Jan 20 2012

    Free Music Friday With Simone Felice And Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles

    Hi everybody and welcome to the third edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday for 2012. Sadly, we received news of Etta James’ passing this morning in Riverside, California. She died of complications from leukemia at age 73. The singer had one of the best and most versatile voices in the business. Her songs, often drenched in strings, were big winners for Chess Records. Some, like her signature hit “At Last” went on to be absolute staples. Etta was inducted into both the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and the Blues Hall Of Fame. Over the course of her career she won four Grammy awards, one of which was for best jazz vocal performance, which she won in 1995 for the album Mystery Lady: Songs of Billie Holiday. Etta died with her husband and sons at her bedside. This edition of Free Music Friday is dedicated to her. Rest in peace Etta!

    Jan 13 2012

    Free Music Friday With Gabriel & The Hounds And Peasant

    Hi there. If you’re reading this, then that means you made it through the second week of 2012. Congratulations! It was a busy week here at Project Rhythm Seed as we continue to gear up for another year of international music coverage. We have lots of new features, reviews and interviews that will be coming your way this year. Many of the bands that we present to you are either wrapping up recording, or preparing release of their new records. And others have already released and are getting ready to take off for a short warmup tour before this year’s SXSW in March.

    Jan 6 2012

    Free Music Friday With Orcas And Leonard Friend

    Hi everybody and welcome to the first edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday for 2012. We’re expecting a bumper year for new music. Lots of major and indie acts are getting ready to release new albums, and many more are still in the studio, working hard to create this year’s finest. Today’s FMF tracks were brought to us by two acts who are already ahead of the game. They both have their projects finished, polished and prepared for release. And they’ve been kind enough to offer us a taste of what is to come. We hope you enjoy this new music from Orcas and Leonard Friend. And remember to support your favorite musicians by buying their latest releases and getting out to see them live when they pass through a venue near you.

    Dec 30 2011

    Free Music Friday With Lana Del Rey And Among Savages

    Another year in the bag! And here we are posting our last Free Music Friday of 2011. We thought it would be fitting to post tracks from two artists who have new albums releasing at the beginning of 2012. Both tracks are standouts, each possessing a high level of originality and artistic depth. Both artists have taken their time, and worked closely with producers to hone their sound and musical offering. Both artists are extremely talented writers and performers. But that is where the similarity ends.

    Dec 16 2011

    Free Music Friday With Spacecamp And Yukon Blonde

    Hi everyone and welcome to another musical edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. Today we have two new bands for you, one from the East coast and one from the West. Spacecamp comes to us from Brooklyn (yes, another one from Brooklyn!). They released a 5 song EP in November called Alibi and we have a track form that EP called “Miko DTB” (dropped the ball). You can also stream the entire EP on Soundcloud. The second band, Yukon Blonde, is from Vancouver, BC. They are a four piece that remind us of a modern day Beach Boys with a George Harrison guitar. We are happy to offer a track called “Choices” off of their new Fire//Water EP.

    Dec 9 2011

    Free Music Friday With Living Things And A Chad Valley Remix

    Hi everyone and welcome to Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. Today we have two new tracks from two of our favorite artists. The first is from Living Things called “Fake It Baby, Fake It (La Dame Nature)”.  Project Rhythm Seed’s, Myles Crawley, interviewed Lillian Berlin, the lead singer of Living Things, earlier this year when they met up for coffee in Los Angeles. You can view that interview here. We also gave away their Malocchio mix tape to all of you. Check that out here.

    Dec 8 2011

    SOFI ‘Locked & Loaded Part 2’ EP Out Now On Mau5trap

    With the dust barely settling on her explosive Locked & Loaded EP Pt. 1, SOFI has some unfinished business to handle. Available now, SOFI returns for another bout with two more dynamic productions and outstanding vocal performances with Locked & Loaded EP Pt. 2 for mau5trap.

    Dec 2 2011

    Free Music Friday With Charles Bradley And This Is The Now

    Hi everybody! Hope you’re well! As the week draws to an end, its always great because every day brings us closer to the weekend, and to another edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. Today we are pleased to offer you two more bands from New York. There is so much fabulous music coming out of the Big Apple right now and today we’ve got two more examples of that – Charles Bradley from Bedstuy and This Is The Now from DUMBO (for those of you unfamiliar, Bedstuy (short for Bedford-Stuyvesant) and DUMBO (an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) are neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY).