• Nov 17 2011

    Ashtar Command ‘American Sunshine’ Album Review

    By Reed Trachy

    Chris Holmes (tour-mate of some British guy named Paul McCartney) and Brian Liesegang (co-founder of Filter, ex-roommate of Trent Reznor) aren’t interested in being lumped into any one musical category. They don’t want to hear about other artists sounding like Ashtar Command. And though I have no idea if either of those things is true, American Sunshine may have helped ensure that they never will be.

    Oct 27 2011

    Cataldo ‘Prison Boxing’ – Album Review and Free Download

    By Reed Trachy

    The project of Seattle resident Eric Anderson, Cataldo introduced itself to the local music scene with its self-titled debut in 2005. Six years later, we’ve been given Prison Boxing; the kind of album that exemplifies an artist hitting his stride. It’s simple enough – most tracks seemingly the product of a lone songsmith and his guitar. But it’s the inventive arrangements that make Cataldo’s third LP the best so far.