• Campfire OK ‘Strange Like We Are’ – Album Review And Free Download

    By Natalie Ekstrand

    Campfire OK’s first album entitled Strange Like We Are dropped earlier this year. It is quite a good record, which begs the question – how come many of us have not heard of this band? With the recent uptick in popularity of folk rock bands it is surprising this Seattle based sextet hasn’t received more attention. If bands’ similarity were described as familial relations Campfire OK would be a cousin of Mumford & Sons as well as Fleet Foxes. That doesn’t mean this band is only for fans of folk rock. You will find plenty of Americana, Jazz, Classical and Ambient influences as well.

    Strange Like We Are isn’t all that strange. Defining something as strange connotes a certain odd or dysfunctional quality that this record certainly does not possess. It’s uniquely beautiful. Each song is intricate and brings new discoveries with each listen. “We Lay In Caves” introduces you to the band’s everything but the kitchen sink instrument method. Each instrument is beautifully layered leaving you in suspense for the next track to begin. The LP includes softer somber folk melodies like “Brass” as well as upbeat forceful anthems such as “Strange Like We Are.” While “Primp and Prune” showcases the soulful jazz beats with its church choir piano rhythm. “You Would Owe Me” is basically an ambient rock track featuring the singer’s folk ballad. Needless to say these songs are varied and interesting.

    CAMPFIRE OK “Strange Like We Are”

    At first listen Campfire OK’s music may seem just like any other indie folk rock band but a deeper look uncovers beautifully instrumented and intricately crafted songs that are rich and full of texture. Their sound is really more like an experimental folk orchestra. Sure the lead singer’s voice may not be for everyone and on the surface many of the songs may seems similar but beneath lays a real diamond in the rough. Campfire OK has put out beautifully orchestrated folk power ballads and emotionally charged pieces with this first effort.

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