• Cursive ‘I Am Gemini’ Album Review

    By Natalie Ekstrand

    Omaha, Nebraska’s Cursive is set to release their seventh album, I Am Gemini on February 21st 2012 via Saddle Creek.  Cursive has been releasing consistently good music ever since their first LP Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes came out in 1997.  Although tweaking and exploring new methods of storytelling with each record, the band has always kept it’s unique sound.  Lead singer and guitarist Tim Kasher’s unique story telling abilities are a strong driving force that sets Cursive apart from other bands.  Kasher employs an emotional heaviness in his lyrics and speaks frankly about issues and other musings.

    I Am Gemini is a conceptual masterpiece written as a play about two estranged twin brothers Cassius and Polluck.  As with many Cursive albums it explores dualities.  In I Am Gemini we see this in one good twin versus the evil doppelganger.  The songs are all written chronologically depicting scenes from Kasher’s sinister play.  The first two songs “This House is Alive” and “Warmer Warmer” follow Cassius as he enters the house of his biological parents whom he had never known.  Little does Cassius know Polluck is lurking in the home watching his twin carefully.  “The Sun and Moon” is an eerily catchy number that encapsulates the twins’ emotions at their first meeting.  As the story goes on it takes a turn for the worst ending in sinister bloodshed as seen in songs, “Gemini” and “Twin Dragon/ Hello Skeleton”.  The songs are full of outright angst and powerful emotional charge.

    Cursive – The Sun and Moon

    All of the tracks are outstanding.  “Wowowow” is amazingly powerful with its blazing guitars and distinct changes in tempo for dramatic effect.  “Lullaby for No Name,” and “Eulogy for No Name” are the softer tracks on the record with a more acoustic tone.  “The Cat and The Mouse” and “Drunken Birds” are two more amazing songs off this album.

    Overall I Am Gemini is another great record from the band.  Fans of the older Cursive will be very happy with this album’s heavier sound, which is reminiscent of their first few albums.  A great record with an intriguing story and wonderful instrumentation.

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