• Reptar At The Echo In LA

    By Natalie Ekstrand

    Who needs alcohol to lower inhibitions when you’re at a Reptar show?  Hailing from Athens, Georgia these electro popper’s reputation for putting on a lively and boisterous show precedes them.  Reptar’s music is upbeat, catchy and most importantly dance worthy.  The second these musicians took the stage it was obvious that this normally quiet and still LA audience wouldn’t stay that way for long.

    Reptar has gained increased notoriety since the release of their highly praised EP entitled Oblangle Fizz Y’all in the Summer of 2011. This has only heightened fan’s excitement around the release of their first full length LP, Body Faucet to be released May 1st 2012.  To promote the new album Reptar is due to play a string of their trademark energetic shows.  This show at The Echo was no exception.

    Openers Lucius and Quiet Hooves were a pleasant surprise.  Namely Lucius made an impression with their beautiful vocal harmonies and interesting guitar combinations.  However the show really started the second Reptar came on stage.  The crowd cheered as “Sebastian” was played.  The rest of the set list is a blur of dancing, textured rhythms and tangible electro beats.  Each song is strung together by ambient instrumentation to keep the momentum going.  The crowd is jumping about, hands in the air as if trying to catch some of Reptar’s infectious energy.  Reptar’s show definitely lives up to expectation.  If you can go to one of their shows, go.  Pick up Body Faucet while you’re at it. You won’t be disappointed.

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