Project Rhythm Seed brings the latest music news, reviews and interviews to the world through this website and the associated websites of its syndicate network of television partners. Founded in 2008, we strive to deliver content in an easily digestible format, and not overwhelm with information. Our Web Reporting team works with the world’s top publicists and music PR companies to gain access to the hottest shows and events happening. And our new Artist Development team works with up and coming artists and bands to find viable opportunities for artistic growth.

Through the Project Rhythm Seed Music Foundation we are committed to providing support for public school music programs and education. We work with manufacturing partners, musical artists, local promoters and other businesses to create additional resource and materials for young talented minds, and their dedicated teachers. We also donate 20% of profits from any items purchased at our Rhythm Seed Store. This is our way, as musicians, of making sure that every kid in the world has a chance to learn how to read music, play an instrument and follow his/her dream. This is also our way of making sure the music business continues to be flooded with talented, aspiring musicians who want to make great music for the world to enjoy.

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