• May 3 2012

    A Chat With Adam Olenius From We Are Serenades

    By Mallory Leisten

    Firstly, I want you all to know that We Are Serenades has Swedish blood. So Swedish in fact that when I ask Adam Olenius “Where are you from?” I hear on the other line “Well, I’m calling you here from Stockholm.” He informs me much later that he actually lived in a neighborhood very close to mine in Seattle, Washington for two years and toured in the US with the popular pop punk band, Shout Out Louds.

    Feb 23 2012

    ‘Charles Bradley: Soul of America’ Documentary Set To Premiere At SXSW

    Charles Bradley will bring his thrilling and highly praised live show to the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, the Sasquatch Music Festival, Mountain Jam, and more this year. The 63-year old “Screaming Eagle of Soul” is currently on tour in the US and will soon head to Australia and Europe. See full tour routing below.

    Feb 15 2012

    Video Premier Of Milo Greene Tour Kickoff

    By Myles Crawley

    Last week we caught up with Los Angeles based band Milo Greene as they were kicking off their new tour at The Roost in Bellingham, Washington. The band had just finished recording their debut album, for Chop Shop/Atlantic, at Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville. So a quick trip up to Bellingham (which is just shy of the border with Canada) seemed like the perfect starting place for a tour that was going to, as Robbie Arnett states in the video, “caterpillar down the west coast.”

    Dec 9 2011

    Free Music Friday With Living Things And A Chad Valley Remix

    Hi everyone and welcome to Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. Today we have two new tracks from two of our favorite artists. The first is from Living Things called “Fake It Baby, Fake It (La Dame Nature)”.  Project Rhythm Seed’s, Myles Crawley, interviewed Lillian Berlin, the lead singer of Living Things, earlier this year when they met up for coffee in Los Angeles. You can view that interview here. We also gave away their Malocchio mix tape to all of you. Check that out here.

    Dec 1 2011

    Marianas Trench Interview

    By Alana Crawley

    Hailing from Vancouver, B.C., Marianas Trench is a young, Juno-award nominated pop band, known for their catchy, upbeat tunes and four-part harmonies.  Composed of Josh Ramsay on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Matt Webb on lead guitar, Mike Ayley on bass guitar, and Ian Casselman on drums, these guys are full of spunk and their fun songs are sure to put you in a good mood.  Project Rhythm Seed’s Alana Crawley recently had a chat with Matt Webb and Mike Ayley while they were on their tour bus, before a show in Dallas.  They discussed their experience with the Vancouver music scene, their most recent tour, and their newest album Ever After, released November 21 on 604 Records.

    Nov 16 2011

    Trentemøller Interview And Performance

    On Monday, November 1st, 2011, Project Rhythm Seed’s Myles Crawley met up with Danish Producer/DJ/Songwriter Anders Trentemøller to discuss growing up in Denmark, his early successes, his current tour and what’s coming up next. Following are excerpts from that conversation, along with a review of Trentemøller’s live show the same night.

    By Myles Crawley

    Nov 1 2011

    A Visit With Lightyear’s Lauren Zettler

    By Myles Crawley

    Today marks the release of the Brooklyn, New York band Lightyear’s first EP, All Of The Miles. As a freshman release, this album clearly stands head and shoulders above the field. It’s a beautiful work, starting out with a heartfelt track called “Home” that makes even the most jaded heart long for the warm embrace of a familiar place. The synth pads and textures running through the five tracks are melodic layers that add a magnetic quality that immediately holds the interest of the listener and doesn’t let go.

    Sep 22 2011

    Eisley – Interview at Bumbershoot

    By Myles Crawley
    Photos by Alana Crawley

    Aug 5 2011

    Free Music Friday – A Track From Rachael Yamagata and Swizz Beatz Remixes Seun Kuti

    Aug 4 2011

    A Chat With Smoke Fairies

    By Alana Crawley
    Photos by Danica Waters

    Last week we met up with Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies of Smoke Fairies, a folk and blues duo from a small town in southeast England.  Their powerful, imagery-laden music is laced with dark, eerie, and melancholic undertones that are so ethereal and mysterious that they almost allure the listener, drawing you in and leave you wanting more.  We sat down for a chat in front The Key Club on Sunset Boulevard before their show, opening for Rasputina, and discussed topics such as what led them to music, how they came up with their band name, and their new album, Through Low Light and Trees.

    Jul 21 2011

    The Silent Comedy – Interview And Reflection

    By Alana Crawley
    Photos by Danica Waters

    Jun 13 2011

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Crazy Name, Great Band

    By Myles Crawley
    Photos by Danica Waters

    If someone were to say to you that they were going to see Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., would you think they were speaking of one of the brightest, most innovative musical acts out there? No? Didn’t think so. But in fact it is indeed the case. It happens to be the brainchild of two guys from Detroit named Josh Epstein and Daniel Zott. Just recently we sat down with both of them before their performance at The Echo in Los Angeles. It was just days before the release of their first full length album on Warner Brothers, titled A Corporate World. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. does seem an unlikely choice for a band name. I told them so myself. I also told them that I thought it was a brilliant way to get people to look passed a name, and instead focus in on the music.

    Jun 7 2011

    She Wants Revenge – Interview On Sunset

    By Myles Crawley
    Photos by Danica Waters

    She Wants Revenge is a great four piece,  rock ‘n’ roll band from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. On May 23th we met up with them before their sold-out show at the Roxy in Hollywood.  A couple of hours before the show, we took a walk up Sunset Boulevard with the two main members of the band, Justin Warfield and Adam Bravin. Every interview is different, and this one was no exception. As we walked out of the Roxy and hit the street, a huge line of fans stretched down Sunset to our left. To our right was the Rainbow Bar and Grill where the boys from Blink 182 were doing some kind of media/press conference. Let’s just say the street was real busy for a Monday night, even in Tinseltown.

    May 9 2011

    Charles Bradley – Live And In Person

    By Myles Crawley
    Photos by Danica Waters

    There’s a music club over on Sunset Boulevard called The Echo. I’ve been meaning to get over there ever since I moved back to Los Angeles in January of this year. Last Wednesday, May 4th, I finally made it. The occasion was to see a musical artist by the name of Charles Bradley. Project Rhythm Seed originally reported on Charles shortly after his appearance at this year’s SXSW music convention in Austin, Texas. You can read that article here. Charles was the standout and played two packed shows while in Austin. It was the start of his new career, no longer as a James Brown impersonator, but as Charles Bradley the original.