• Jul 24 2012

    Eraserhead Soundtrack Set For Re-release On Vinyl

    Eraserhead rests firmly at the top of that canon of American underground culture for which there is no genre. A staple of the dark underbelly of popular cinema that was originally only viewable at art house screenings or on the midnight movie circuit, Eraserhead is a truly unadulterated offering; and much of its sensation lies beyond the purely visual realm.

    Jan 5 2012

    Zola Jesus Gets Remixed By David Lynch

    Nika Roza Danilova, better known as Zola Jesus, admittedly, has never been a huge fan of remixes in general. Although she makes dance-y beats and music, the dozens of remix requests that come in each week, both asking her to lend her own stems or to produce for other bands, have been declined. Both artist and label tend to feel that most remixes frequently fail to improve on the original. Since her record company, Sacred Bones, is not yet a full fledged dance 12-inch label, no one in that camp has felt that remixes are imperative for their roster artists who do not wish to engage in them. However once in a while an opportunity comes along that simply can not be passed up.