• Aug 9 2012

    Deadmau5 To Release New Album

    The world of deadmau5 is always fast and furious. He recently overhauled his studio in his Toronto hometown, locked himself in and went on a creative spree to finish > album title goes here <, his new album due out September 25 on Ultra Music.

    May 2 2012

    The M Machine Drops Metropolis Part 1

    A group shrouded in almost complete secrecy, The M Machine continue to reveal themselves across some of electronic music’s biggest stages.  After summer gigs throughout 2011 at EDC, Electric Zoo, and Global Dance Festival and opening slots for Empire of the Sun, Miike Snow, and Pretty Lights, the San Francisco trio has just unveiled the first part of their  debut album, Metropolis Pt. 1. With rave support from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Benny Benassi, Skrillex, and Porter Robinson, The M Machine are proving themselves to be as captivating and original as they are mysterious.

    Dec 23 2011

    Project Rhythm Seed’s Best Of 2011

    By Lukas Clark-Memler

    Another year has ended; another list has been compiled. Often I get this feeling that in 100 years, all that will remain of today’s pop culture will be a number of well-thought-out lists. While many critics are driven to paroxysms at the thought of another year-end list, the fact is that they are essential to annual retrospective analysis. There is a feeling of security and consistency in ‘Best Of’ lists; inasmuch as one can feel safe in the presence of a numerically-ordered selection of things. But in truth, the rapid acceleration of technology and the advent of social media has completely changed the way humans organize their internal thoughts. We no longer think in prose, or even full sentences; we think in lists.

    Dec 14 2011

    Dubstep Duo NERO Release ‘Welcome Reality’

    Nero, aka London producers, remixers, DJs and artists Dan Stephens and Joe Ray, now one of the biggest names in both dubstep and drum and bass unleash their debut album Welcome Reality on the U.S.

    Dec 8 2011

    SOFI ‘Locked & Loaded Part 2’ EP Out Now On Mau5trap

    With the dust barely settling on her explosive Locked & Loaded EP Pt. 1, SOFI has some unfinished business to handle. Available now, SOFI returns for another bout with two more dynamic productions and outstanding vocal performances with Locked & Loaded EP Pt. 2 for mau5trap.

    Sep 28 2011

    Rhythm Seed Artist Spotlight – Little Dragon

    On the surface the quiet port city of Gothenburg doesn’t seem like it would harbor much soul music but it comes through in the dreamy rhythmical shifting moody creature that is Little Dragon. The four-piece band blends R&B, new wave, electronica and experimental pop.

    Noted authorities on the matter from OutKast’s Big Boi and Raphael Saadiq to Damon Albarn of Gorillaz all recognize the fire—each has tapped the group to collaborate on recent and/or upcoming projects. And it seems that the rest of the world is starting to catch on to what tastemakers from BBC’s Gilles Peterson and the DJs at Los Angeles’ influential KCRW have known for years.

    Aug 31 2011

    James Blake To Release ‘Enough Thunder’ EP

    With a Mercury Music Prize nomination and sales of more than 200k worldwide for his eponymous debut LP under his belt, James Blake returns with ‘Enough Thunder’, a 6 track EP fronted by iconic imagery captured during his revelatory Glastonbury performance in June.

    Alongside four original compositions are the now infamous cover of Joni Mitchell‘s ‘A Case Of You’ and James’ collaboration with Bon Iver, currently averaging well over 100k youtube plays per day since it’s world premier on BBC R1 last week. We watched James perform “A Case Of You” live at the Troubadour. It was a spectacular rendition.

    Aug 12 2011

    Free Music Friday – CasioKids and Stizreth

    By Myles Crawley

    Hello and welcome to another edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. This week came out of the gate and flew right by. It seemed like it was over in the blink of an eye. On Monday we brought you Tyler, The Creator. Then we brought you Laura Marling a day later. On Wednesday it was a video from Flaming Lips again. And Thursday we introduced you to Cameron McLain. And here we are at Friday, where all the songs are free. Today we have CasioKids and Stizreth on MP3. So enjoy yourself this weekend, and for everything you need. We’ll be back next week with Project Rhythm Seed.

    May 25 2011

    James Blake – Live At The Troubadour

    By Myles Crawley
    Live photos by Danica Waters

    Strip it down. Strip it all down to a basic function, something mathematical and quantifiable. Are there certain sights or sounds that stimulate the brain more than others? Maybe there are beats and rhythms that particularly excite the cranial muscle? How about specific note clusters and melodies that soothe it? What is the effect on forward melody when a counter melody played backwards is introduced? How wide a range of time signatures can the human brain follow and comprehend? And what happens when you introduce light and color to this mix? One can only reason that the overall effect might be of enormous proportion.

    Mar 16 2011

    Project Rhythm Seed Music Foundation Kicks Off In San Diego With Godfather Of Reggae, Lee “Scratch” Perry

    By Myles Crawley

    Serius 23 Productions and Project Rhythm Seed are pleased to announce Merge, live at The Culy Warehouse on Saturday, March 19th in San Diego’s Historic Gaslamp District. Merge features headliner and godfather of reggae and dub music, Lee “Scratch” Perry, along with a lineup of top DJ’s that include the popular DJ Bailey from the UK’s BBC radio, San Francisco’s favorite DJ UFO, and International Rhythm Kings, Frequenz Drop and TowerXVI. This will be a night of diverse music, high energy and incredible sets from some amazing performers. It will also be your only chance to see Lee “Scratch” Perry here in Southern California.

    Mar 3 2011

    Project Rhythm Seed Music Foundation Starts In San Diego With “Merge”

    Serius 23 Productions and Project Rhythm Seed are pleased to announce Merge, live at The Culy Warehouse on Saturday, March 19th in San Diego’s Historic Gaslamp District. Merge features a lineup of top DJ’s that include the popular DJ Bailey from the UK’s BBC radio, northern California’s favorite DJ UFO from San Francisco, and Dubsteppas, Frequenz Drop and TowerXVI from San Diego. There will also be some special surprise guests that we can’t mention just yet. This will be a night of high energy and incredible sets from some of the top DJ’s in the world.

    Feb 23 2011

    Album Review: James Blake

    By Lukas Clark-Memler

    Pop music will eat itself. Through commoditization and planned obsolescence, the self-cannibalization of populist music is something that cannot be avoided. Thus, purveyors of pop must attempt to transcend the genre, in order to avoid obscurity. Countless pop sub-genres have come and gone in the past few decades – rode the waves of hype, then died out as quickly as they came (disco, grunge, chillwave). But since pop has been prophesized to end in an implosion of Biblical proportions, it makes sense to distance oneself as far as possible from the musical black hole.