• Jul 23 2012

    Queer Future: Frank Ocean Opens Up

    By Lukas Clark-Memler

    “Today is a big day for hip hop…”

    Def Jam founder and hip hop heavyweight Russell Simmons is of course talking about Frank Ocean’s recent proclamation of bisexuality. The Odd Future-member and saccharine crooner revealed that his first love was a man in a poetically intimate Tumblr post (click here to read original post). Cue the ever-pervasive interweb exploding with articles like “Frank Is Gay” and “Is This The End of Hip Hop’s Homophobia?”

    Dec 30 2011

    Free Music Friday With Lana Del Rey And Among Savages

    Another year in the bag! And here we are posting our last Free Music Friday of 2011. We thought it would be fitting to post tracks from two artists who have new albums releasing at the beginning of 2012. Both tracks are standouts, each possessing a high level of originality and artistic depth. Both artists have taken their time, and worked closely with producers to hone their sound and musical offering. Both artists are extremely talented writers and performers. But that is where the similarity ends.

    Dec 29 2011

    Lana Del Rey: Best New Artist Of 2011

    By Lukas Clark-Memler

    Everything I want I have. Money, notoriety and Rivieras – I even think I found God in the flash bulbs of your pretty cameras.”

    … So proclaims Lana Del Rey’s Twitter page, and while the epitaph sounds like it came straight from the mouth of Kanye West, it aptly sums up 2011 for the sultry songstress. It is almost superfluous to write anything about Lana Del Rey at this point in time.