• Mar 7 2012

    Reptar At The Echo In LA

    By Natalie Ekstrand

    Who needs alcohol to lower inhibitions when you’re at a Reptar show?  Hailing from Athens, Georgia these electro popper’s reputation for putting on a lively and boisterous show precedes them.  Reptar’s music is upbeat, catchy and most importantly dance worthy.  The second these musicians took the stage it was obvious that this normally quiet and still LA audience wouldn’t stay that way for long.

    Feb 13 2012

    Cursive ‘I Am Gemini’ Album Review

    By Natalie Ekstrand

    Omaha, Nebraska’s Cursive is set to release their seventh album, I Am Gemini on February 21st 2012 via Saddle Creek.  Cursive has been releasing consistently good music ever since their first LP Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes came out in 1997.  Although tweaking and exploring new methods of storytelling with each record, the band has always kept it’s unique sound.  Lead singer and guitarist Tim Kasher’s unique story telling abilities are a strong driving force that sets Cursive apart from other bands.  Kasher employs an emotional heaviness in his lyrics and speaks frankly about issues and other musings.

    Dec 28 2011

    Madeline’s ‘B Sides’ Album Review

    By Natalie Ekstrand

    Georgia native, folk pop singer, Madeline recently released B Sides, a collection of demos and rarities from her previous four albums. Madeline Adams has been singing and recording music since she was fifteen with her first album, Kissing & Dancing released in 2002 with modest success.  Madeline is a talented chanteuse who produces likeable simple ballads reminiscent of old timer folk artists with whimsical flair.  B Sides is another lovely collection of understated, pretty songs from Madeline.

    Nov 28 2011

    A Very She & Him Christmas Album Review

    By Natalie Ekstrand

    She & Him is an American Indie pop band consisting of actress Zooey Deschanel (vocals, ukulele, piano) and Portland native M. Ward (vocals, guitar).  Together these two make twee folk pop with a vintage feel.  Much like Zooey Deschanel’s persona their music has an “adorkable” allure in the indie circuit.  With two full length albums under their belt, the duo set out to make a Christmas record, which came out in October of this year.

    Nov 3 2011

    Florence + The Machine ‘Ceremonials’ – Album Review

    By Natalie Ekstrand

    First album, Lungs, from Florence + The Machine was easily one of the most unexpected crossover pop successes.  Fast forward to the release of their second album Ceremonials on October 31st and Florence + The Machine is still creating music that showcases Florence Welch’s beautiful voice with a larger than life sound.  Ceremonials is an exquisitely crafted baroque pop record that is sure to stir the audience both emotionally and spiritually.

    Oct 24 2011

    Campfire OK ‘Strange Like We Are’ – Album Review And Free Download

    By Natalie Ekstrand

    Campfire OK’s first album entitled Strange Like We Are dropped earlier this year. It is quite a good record, which begs the question – how come many of us have not heard of this band? With the recent uptick in popularity of folk rock bands it is surprising this Seattle based sextet hasn’t received more attention. If bands’ similarity were described as familial relations Campfire OK would be a cousin of Mumford & Sons as well as Fleet Foxes. That doesn’t mean this band is only for fans of folk rock. You will find plenty of Americana, Jazz, Classical and Ambient influences as well.

    Oct 19 2011

    Phantogram ‘Nightlife’ – Album Review And Free Track Download

    By Natalie Ekstrand

    The new mini LP, entitled Nightlife, from New York street pop duo Phantogram, comes out November 1st.  With their first album release in February 2010, long time friends Sarah Barthel (vocals, keyboards) and Josh Carter (vocals, guitars) have enjoyed a fair amount of success for a newer band.  Compared with such promising new groups as The XX, Phantogram has a promising and bright future in the electro pop circuit.  Their musical careers are on the fast track with several festival appearances and ongoing tours alongside other well known bands.

    Oct 14 2011

    Free Music Friday – The Glass Canoe

    Greetings once again, and welcome to another edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. We are happy to announce that at midnight last night we launched the first ever Rhythm Seed Store, which is chock full of great products for a vibrant musical lifestyle. Included are our album and music download picks, book and kindle picks, movie picks, awesome artistic attire, select band merchandise, cool electronics and some bad ass axes. Check it out when you have some time. Shopping and buying items through the Rhythm Seed Store is a great way to support Project Rhythm Seed, so that we can keep bringing you lots of music news, reviews and interviews.

    Oct 11 2011

    Feist ‘Metals’ – Album Review

    By Natalie Ekstrand

    Feist emerges with her fourth full-length album, Metals, after an 18 month hiatus from music.  Leslie Feist has often been compared to other contemporary chanteuses such as Cat Power, Lykke Li and Yael Naim.  She enjoyed much success with her previous albums Let It Die and The Reminder and is perhaps best known by the masses for her pop song “1234.”