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    Greetings once again, and welcome to another edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. We are happy to announce that at midnight last night we launched the first ever Rhythm Seed Store, which is chock full of great products for a vibrant musical lifestyle. Included are our album and music download picks, book and kindle picks, movie picks, awesome artistic attire, select band merchandise, cool electronics and some bad ass axes. Check it out when you have some time. Shopping and buying items through the Rhythm Seed Store is a great way to support Project Rhythm Seed, so that we can keep bringing you lots of music news, reviews and interviews.

    And now our weekly summary – On Monday we brought you a Rhythm Seed Artist Spotlight, highlighting a poetic new hip hop artist from Minneapolis named Dessa. On Tuesday it was a review, from our newest writer Natalie Extrand, of Feist’s latest album, Metals. On Wednesday we happily announced the release of a new 4 disc set, released by The Zappa Family Trust, that includes recordings from 40 years ago of Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention as they appeared Live at Carnegie Hall. Thursday saw the release of a poignant new video, from New York’s We Are Augustines, which explores the tragic and untimely death of singer Billy McCarthy’s brother, James. Today we are pleased to bring you a great new band from southern California named The Glass Canoe. This band self released what is, in our estimation, one of the best albums of 2011. Their musical compositions evoke vibrant imagery and create a rich and textured voyage that continues from track 1 straight through track 10. This is perfect soundtrack material, for either film or real life, in the same vein as Pink Floyd’s classic album, Dark Side Of The Moon. The Glass Canoe have been kind enough to offer up their entire album, Chimera, for free, so take advantage of this special Free Music Friday and download what we hope will become one of your favorite albums too. But don’t delay. As Project Rhythm Seed receives hundreds of visitors each day, we suggest that you download Chimera as soon as possible. There are only 80 downloads available. Best wishes! See you next week!

    The Glass Canoe
    The Glass Canoe was founded in 2009 when principle band members, David Korrigan (vocals, guitar, electronics) and Max O’Reilly (vocals, guitar, electronics), could no longer contain their desire to conquer new landscapes of sound. They recruited Blake La Grange (guitar, effects), Drew Galindo (bass), and Justin Anastasio (percussion, electronics) to bring to life their reverie. What came out is a non-derivative dimension of psychedelic electronic rock that takes you anywhere from whimsical and wistful, to earnest and emotive, to excited and dancing. The Glass Canoe is a multifaceted expression of everything that surrounds them.

    Chimera, their first LP, was released in early 2011. Its songs combine flowing melodies with mind-expanding soundscapes and supremely gratifying rhythms. It is impressive in its melodic caliber, with beautiful vocals in both the soft and buoyant songs. The album never fails to maintain a certain atmosphere, conveyed through the precise juxtaposition of organic and electronic sounds and samples. And the rhythms excel in suspense and complexity. Throughout all detail, their rich quality of songwriting is never compromised. Chimera will satisfy every musical and emotional craving.

    The Glass Canoe is a genuine expression of life from the perspective of songwriters Korrigan and O’Reilly. They take us on a sensory journey through love, nostalgia, dreams, and visions. Since the release of the album, band members have been working to expand even further the boundaries of their songwriting and sonic experimentation. Check in on their website for more, and watch out for their live shows and upcoming albums.  And now here is Chimera:

    Chimera by The Glass Canoe

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