• Free Music Friday With Megan Reilly And Ian McGlynn

    Hi everybody and welcome to another edition of Project Rhythm Seed’s Free Music Friday. Today we dug deep to find you two great new artists. The first, Megan Reilly, took a five year hiatus between her last album and her latest one, The Well, which released at the end of last month. Today we have a track off that album called “Throw It Out” to share with you. The second artist, Ian McGlynn, is a writer’s writer and a Berklee School Of Music alumni. His newest album, Now We’re Golden, drops on June 5th, but today we have a track called “Gold Morning Mend” available for you.

    We hope you enjoy both artists and their accompanying tracks. If you like the music, buy the albums and support the cause. That’s how it all works. Have a great weekend! We’ll see you next week.

    Megan Reilly
    In the last five years Megan Reilly had a child, moved to Philadelphia, back to New Jersey, learned to sew and bake, and became fully domesticated. These are big changes for an artist and writer. Says Reilly, “I was used to writing from a mournful place. Having a child and being in love filled me with such unfamiliar happiness that I didn’t know how to write about it. So I learned how to quilt. I made eight quilts in five years.”

    Megan finally began writing what would become her third record. “I didn’t want any more time to pass without making music so I booked the studio time when I had only four songs written.”  The balance of the songs came together with the help of guitarist James Mastro (Health and Happiness Show, Patti Smith, Ian Hunter). The resulting album, The Well, marks an enormous musical leap that mirrors the vast changes in Megan’s personal life since her last album, Ghost.

    The album title refers to the muse that lies deep within that propels the music. “Despite my fear that I had used up all my talent on my first two records and had nothing to offer, the best work I’ve ever done was lying dormant all along, waiting for me to pay attention.” The Well is vast and deep, running from Memphis to New York. It’s haunting and lovely. It’s a breakout work. Lucky us. Here is “Throw It Out” from The Well.

    Throw It Out – Megan Reilly by Free Music Friday

    Ian McGlynn
    True to its title, Now We’re Golden, Ian McGlynn’s third album, is rife with shimmering sonic beds that provide the perfect launching place (and landing pad) for some serious, soaring melodies. Hard to believe they were all written on a tiny Casiotone MT-220 keyboard.

    Schedules aligning is a big part of the album’s story. And aligning with Ken Stringfellow’s (The Posies, REM, Big Star, The Disciplines) was no easy task. Having discussed making an album together for years, McGlynn leapt at the sudden opportunity to take advantage of the few small gaps in Stringfellow’s schedule. McGlynn had an entire album already written, but he wanted to write a fresh new batch of songs for Stringfellow despite having mere weeks to do so; which is where the MT-220 takes its starring turn.

    As much as the album was written in a burst, it was recorded in a whirl. The sessions took place in Paris, Amsterdam and exotic Somerville, NJ. The songs feel as diverse as the locales they were recorded in, as if the environments permeated the production somehow. Stringfellow widened McGlynn’s sonic palette and helped give the record a golden glow. The resplendent sound, of course, reflects the album title, Now We’re Golden. Taken from the closer, the line sums up the record’s intentions perfectly. It makes intimacy an inclusive and inviting thing. A celebration. Here is “Gold Morning Mend” from Now We’re Golden

    Ian McGlynn – Gold Morning Mend by Free Music Friday

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