• Sep 4 2012

    Fall Preview: New Releases to Keep on Your Radar

    By J. Brown

    While January may be the technical start of each new year, those of us who can’t shake thinking of life in terms of school reserve September as the real start of the year, even if we’ve left behind textbooks and classes years ago. As the hot summer months turn colder with the arrival of autumn, September is when the expectation of change hangs in the air (or here in Southern California, we have to be satisfied with blistering heat turning to a medium heat as we enter fall). So if we think of September as a fresh start, music lovers have a lot to look forward to because autumn is set to bring an array of exciting new releases. Here is a rundown of albums, in no particular order, that you can look forward to:

    Oct 11 2011

    Feist ‘Metals’ – Album Review

    By Natalie Ekstrand

    Feist emerges with her fourth full-length album, Metals, after an 18 month hiatus from music.  Leslie Feist has often been compared to other contemporary chanteuses such as Cat Power, Lykke Li and Yael Naim.  She enjoyed much success with her previous albums Let It Die and The Reminder and is perhaps best known by the masses for her pop song “1234.”