• Apr 3 2012

    Madonna Is On Top… Again!

    Madonna has returned for the 8th time to the top of the Billboard’s Pop  Charts with MDNA selling 359,000 albums according to Neilsen Soundscan and is  the biggest selling first week debut this year.  MDNA is The Material Girl’s  fifth  No. 1 studio album in a row and her first album for Interscope Records.

    Apr 7 2011

    A Visit With Lauren Pritchard

    By Myles Crawley
    Photos by Danica Waters

    Some people spend their entire lives living in one place. It’s not that they don’t travel. It’s that they never move away. They are able to find success and happiness where they were born and grew up. Then there are other people who keep moving. It’s an innate thing. They refuse to stay in one place. Instead they actively pursue success and happiness, and they’re not about to wait for it to come to them. Let me introduce you to Lauren Pritchard. She belongs to the latter category – a card carrying member of the “wanderlust tribe”. But she’s no wanderer. She knows exactly where she’s going. When you talk to her you get an uncanny sense of that. Let me explain…