• Apr 12 2011

    Redlight King Samples “Old Man” And Neil Approves…Gasp

    Mark Kasprzyk (aka “Kaz”), frontman and songwriter for Redlight King, hails from a small steel-mining town in Ontario Canada, and clearly is a guy who doesn’t take “no” for an answer.   Redlight King’s album Something For The Pain is due in June but it’s the first single “Old Man” that has people buzzing.  The video alone has garnered over 760K views to date.  The song is not a cover of the Neil Young classic but an original song with a modern twist  that pays homage to the Young classic.  Initially all requests for sampling the classic song were flatly denied from the label to the publisher to management but eventually it was played for Neil personally and approved.  Considering he has only approved 5-6 samplings in his career, that is saying something.