• Oct 6 2011

    Steve Jobs – A Man Who Changed The Face Of Music

    By Myles Crawley

    As I’m sure most of you are now aware, Steve Jobs, visionary genius and CEO of Apple Corporation, died yesterday after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer. Although news of this sad event is spread across the internet today, some of you might wonder why we have decided to write about it on Project Rhythm Seed. After all, we are a music site. We don’t really write about the tech world, or about general news stories.

    Apr 23 2010

    Album Review – Harlem ‘Hippies’

    By: Lukas Clark-Memler

    “The only band we like is Nirvana. The only album we like is Nevermind. The only song we like is “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” No, this is not an obituary for a delusional albeit loyal Nirvana fan that took his own life after realizing that Kurt Cobain was never coming back. And this isn’t even the press release for a Nirvana tribute band that stubbornly refuse to learn, or write any other song, in fear of selling out and dishonoring the aforesaid grunge legends.