• Oct 6 2011

    Steve Jobs – A Man Who Changed The Face Of Music

    By Myles Crawley

    As I’m sure most of you are now aware, Steve Jobs, visionary genius and CEO of Apple Corporation, died yesterday after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer. Although news of this sad event is spread across the internet today, some of you might wonder why we have decided to write about it on Project Rhythm Seed. After all, we are a music site. We don’t really write about the tech world, or about general news stories.

    Feb 4 2011

    Rhythm Seed Artist Spotlight – Pogo Remixes The World

    By Alana Crawley

    Movie remixer Nick Bertke, better known on the web and in the music scene as “Pogo,” has just released the first video and song from his World Remix project. World Remix is an upcoming album which will expand on Pogo’s live-action remixing concept; he will be capturing sights and sounds from all over the world which will be used to compose a song and video that portrays the culture and way of life of the area. His first video, “Joburg Jam,” shot in Johannesburg, South Africa, was released as of January 1, 2011 and already has over 250,000 views on YouTube. It beautifully displays the vibrancy and spirit of Johannesburg and has been greeted with overwhelming support by his fans.