• Album Review: Langhorne Slim

    By J. Brown

    “I was born with a thorn in my soul / guess it could be worse. I might not got much / but I know what it’s worth.” —excerpt from the track “Bad Luck.”

    Buoyant and rollicking are the perfect words to describe the music of Langhorne Slim.  His latest release,  The Way We Move (Ramseur), is the type of album you crank up in your car, with the windows down. Pick a day when you just don’t give a damn about any of your worries and pretend – albeit briefly – that you’re driving down a road that’s leading anywhere but here. To get Langhorne Slim is to be reminded of the urgency of right now and the pursuit of living life to the fullest, while wrestling with the increasing number of ties that bind us as the years go by. When you listen to him, you feel as though he might just be singing his last song ever.

    Life’s fleeting moments seem to add to the frenetic quality to Slim’s style, and his voice is often reduced to a cathartic howl when he and his band The Law really let loose. Unflinchingly honest about his failings and emotions, Slim is a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, and that remains the case on The Way We Move.

    This is the first album that he has released with Ramseur Records and it’s a good musical home for Slim due to his rough and rootsy style of music, as it is the same label that houses the Avett Brothers.

    Gritty folk-soul with a splash of punk is the delivery of Slim in a free-wheeling style that is reminiscent of a tightly wound coil springing loose. He is an artist that has a knack for crafting memorable melodies. Not one for obscure lyrics, Slim is direct in his detail and delivery. While The Way We Move builds on the sound of his previous work, it has a distinctly different feel from his last release Be Set Free, an album that is simply hard to top.

    Slim and his band are currently in the middle of a tour around the States until mid-August. Catch them while you can with special guest opener, Jessica Lea Mayfield.

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