• Album Review: Sibylle Baier’s “Colour Green”

    By J. Brown

    Music is often at its best when it feels as though you’ve stumbled across hidden treasure, which is how Robby Baier must have felt when he discovered his mother, Sibylle, had recorded an album in Germany during the early 1970s. Thirty-five years later, Sibylle’s son sent the recordings to Orange Twin Records and they eventually published her first album, Colour Green. As the saying goes, better late than never. Baier began to receive recognition for her work so many years after the fact, much to her surprise, as the talented singer put motherhood and family above a music career and never opted to share her talent with the world.

    Remember the Day,” the first song Baier ever wrote, reportedly was inspired by a road trip to the Alps with a friend during a dark period in her youth. Upon her return, she felt her spirits renewed and began the process of songwriting. What emerged were songs of haunting sadness, fragility, and quiet beauty.

    These songs have the feel of a diary and their hushed delivery contributes to this aura. Dark and intimate, the songs give off the sense that they were not meant for anyone in particular and instead were a cathartic release for a songwriter who sought neither fame nor money for her music. There is something mysterious about these songs as well. You can’t help but what wonder what compelled Baier at that point in her life to write such melancholy songs and the feelings that she was working through as she penned these lyrics.

    Sibylle Baier. tonight

    Since Baier wrote these songs thinking no one would probably hear them, they have a refreshing honesty and do not shy away from troubled longing and love lost.

    Robby Baier, the singer’s son, put up a website for the artist and wrote the following: “She is really quite perplexed by all the attention that her album Colour Green has gotten. My father keeps telling her about all the pages and articles that are out there, but she, though smitten, prefers to hear about her accolades through the eyes and ears of her family. The web makes her dizzy, I think.”  Visit it here.

    You can buy the album Colour Green from Orange Twin Records here. Reportedly Baier has begun writing again and may release a second album; if so, it would be quite interesting to see how her songwriting and sound had evolved after so many years.

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