• Sting: 25 Years – The Definitive Box Set Collection

    By Myles Crawley

    There are very few musicians out there today who can claim to have had the same level of musical impact on the world that Sting has. Over the past quarter century he has written and recorded some of the most melodic, intelligent and rhythmically infectious music available. His discography and body of work is staggering and his approach to the creation of music is energetic and downright prolific. He has been able to jump musical genres like they were mole hills rather than mountains, and he’s done it with style and grace.

    I had the opportunity to meet Sting and work with him on the Police’s first tour through the US. Being the opening act for a group that so quickly gained international attention was somewhat daunting, yet totally exciting and exhilarating. I remember standing on the side of the stage after my set, watching Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland attack their instruments and dominate their new fans. From that very first time I saw Sting on stage, plucking bass lines on his old Fender Jazz bass, while pumping bass pedals with his feet and singing some of the most intricate vocals known to modern music, I knew the guy was going to be a major star. After a successful career with the Police, he was able to reinvent himself and embark on what has been an extremely robust solo career. He has maintained that same sense of vitality throughout the last 30 odd years, the culmination of the last 25 of which I am currently listening to.

    Sting: 25 Years – The Definitive Box Set Collection is chock full of incredible content. Containing three CD’s full of music, a DVD of a rough, raw and unreleased live performance at Irving Plaza and tons of great photographs, this is any Sting fan’s nirvana. Disc 1 kicks off with studio versions of five of his biggest hits, before turning to three live versions that provide a clear picture of just how talented and tight his live band is. There are 15 tracks on this first CD alone. And that’s just the beginning. A total of 45 tracks across all three discs provide hours of listening pleasure.

    I must admit that I personally found this collection to be somewhat overwhelming. As I listened through the three discs I suddenly realized that I was re-tracing the steps and phases of my own life. I began to remember songs I listened to on my first date with the woman who became my wife and partner. Other songs brought back memories of our wedding night together, the births and young lives of our children, vacations together and Christmas mornings in houses that we have since left behind, with extended family and much loved family pets who are no longer with us. But as the melancholia subsided I was left with a warm, satisfied feeling, happy with where life has led. And it would seem Sting has been there all along, weaving the soundtrack for our rich and vibrant lives. Hopefully you will experience the same myriad of feelings when you listen to this incredible box set of music. Sting: 25 Years – The Definitive Box Set Collection is a must have for any Sting fan. If you are a fan, then take my advice – buy it, load it, sit back and listen to it, and enjoy the journey down the hallways and along the winding pathways of your own life. Buy Sting: 25 Years – The Definitive Box Set Collection here.

    Sting: 25 Years – The Definitive Box Set Collection play list:

    Disc 1
    01 If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
    02 Love Is The Seventh Wave
    03 Consider Me Gone
    04 Moon Over Bourbon Street
    05 Fortress Around Your Heart
    06 Bring On The Night/When The World Is Running Down You Make The Best Of What’s Still Around (Live)
    07 Driven To Tears (Live)
    08 I Burn For You (Live)
    09 Be Still My Beating Heart
    10 They Dance Alone (Cueca solo)
    11 Englishman In New York
    12 Fragile
    13 We’ll Be Together
    14 Sister Moon
    15 The Secret Marriage

    Disc 2
    01 All This Time
    02 Mad About You
    03 Why Should I Cry For You?
    04 The Soul Cages
    05 When The Angels Fall
    06 If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
    07 Fields Of Gold
    08 Seven Days
    09 Its Probably Me
    10 Shape Of My Heart
    11 When We Dance
    12 I Hung My Head
    13 I Was Brought To My Senses
    14 You Still Touch Me
    15 I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying

    Disc 3
    01 A Thousand Years
    02 Desert Rose
    03 Ghost Story
    04 Brand New Day
    05 Send Your Love (Dave Audé remix)
    06 Whenever I Say Your Name
    07 Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)
    08 Soul Cake
    09 The Hounds Of Winter
    10 Next To You
    11 We Work The Black Seam
    12 The Pirate’s Bride
    13 Never Coming Home
    14 Russians (Live)
    15 The End Of The Game (Live)

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